The African Grey Parrot is too Smart for a Cage

African grey parrots are being trafficked nearly out of existence in West and Central Africa.

When you google “African Grey Parrots,” the first page of results doesn’t provide websites and articles to learn about this bird and it’s origin, history and intelligence. Instead, articles about caring for this bird as a pet, how to buy one and other captivity related news fills the search results. This is wrong. It’s sickening. It must not be tolerated from human beings who claim to care for such an intelligent creature.

Last year these parrots received protections from trade under Appendix I of the CITES international treaty – a critical step in giving the species a chance at survival. But the continued poaching and illegal trade by one country, and weak enforcement, fed by ruthless criminal traffickers, continue to threaten the species.

WCS needs to raise a public outcry in time for the next CITES meeting in a few weeks to amp up the pressure to stop all illegal trade.

Please contribute to this critical call for help.

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