Surfing With Dave Rastovich: Inside This Soft World

Unlike much of filmmaker Nathan Oldfield’s other work, there is no higher meaning with ‘Inside This Soft World.’ It’s simply Dave Rastovich surfing on a Wednesday morning… which can be argued implicitly has its own higher meaning.

We’ve known Dave as an all-time legend in the water, but it wasn’t until FISHPEOPLE dropped that we learned his story. This is a man who is one with the ocean, so much so, that he left competitive surfing behind to pursue a life of travel, learning, and immersion into a more enjoyable surfing career. Thanks to Patagonia, we get to see how Dave spends an average day connecting with the ocean. Give this guy a board and decent waves — he doesn’t disappoint. Enjoy his flow, finesse, grace, whatever you want to call it — it just feels good to watch. 

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