Kokopelli Packrafting Explained in 60 Seconds

The Kokopelli Parckafting team are experts in adventure paddling. Their innovative boats are light enough to go anywhere yet strong enough for anything.

Across the globe, adventurers have used packrafts to delve deeper, explore longer, and experience untouched destinations like never before. What was once the destination is now just the beginning. In the past, canyoneering routes ended at the bottom of the canyon, now it marks the beginning of a remote paddle. Climbing routes once too difficult to access are now opened up by floating gear in. And iconic bikepacking routes are now extended beyond the water.

The question is, how can a Kokopelli packraft transform your next adventure?

If you’re into hiking to alpine lakes, fishing rivers, whitewater paddling, backpacking, and bikerafting (just to name a few), they have a boat for you. 

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