Soil Searching: Quiet Craftsman

Meet Hylton Turvey, a trail builder who finds inspiration in the shape of the land itself.

When the earth speaks, Hylton Turvey listens, taking the time and care to carve trails in South Africa in a way that honors her presence. Soil Searching founder, Fanie Kok, shares this intimate profile of a man who has a true connection with the land he builds upon.

To even attempt describing a trail crafted by Hylton is like trying to dissect “The Night Watch” by Rembrandt. Layer-upon-layer of color, significance, and skill, coupled with an acute awareness of his natural surroundings.


You have Built the Trails and ridden the Trails to learn the lessons of Life

Much of what you know you’ve learnt from the Trails

…Continue with your journey of this wonderful Life!

– Derek Turvey

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