Pro Mountain Biker Conquers Grueling Route In Nepal

Most people know of Nepal thanks to Mount Everest. But it’s not every day you hear of top-tier mountain bikers tackling the trails throughout the Himalayas. So when Geoff Gulevich let us know he was headed to the Annapurna region for a one-of-a-kind traverse, we begged for him to take us along. 

And he did, sort of… Gulevich packed BN3TH’s award-winning North Shore Chamois Paddled Bike Liner, which — as he puts it — “literally saved my ass.” But more importantly, he filmed the expedition on his GoPro to give us an insider perspective on this memorable trip.

(Spoiler alert: watch until the end if you’ve ever wanted to see Buddhist monks in maroon robes riding a mountain bike.)

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