BOTE Presents: Sage to Saddle

For many, finding balance depends on the hobbies in their life that bring them joy. We often take for granted easy access to things like a good workout at the gym, a leisurely paddle on a nearby lake, or an evening bike ride with friends. It is easy to forget that feeling of missing something when we’re kept away from the things we enjoy most. No matter your passion, the common ground is how we feel and the benefits that come from it.

The Oglala Lakota, a Horse Nation out of the Great Plains, has developed a program on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation to provide enjoyment and hobbies to those who may otherwise not have access to it. Sage to Saddle is devoted to building indoor riding arenas to give their children and adolescents a place to escape.

In the spirit of the locals of the Great Plains, BOTE Announces the Last Cowboy Limited Edition Collection, which includes everything from the kayak to the cooler. Both the boat and gear feature for extreme durability and reliability:

  • Waxed Canvas
  • Water Resistant
  • Everlasting Durability
  • Craftsman Inspired Material

As a part of the Last Cowboy Collection, BOTE has teamed up again with their friends at Destin Brewery to release the Last Cowboy, a lighter-bodied premium American-style lager beer.

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