Is Patagonia Field Testing the Best Job in the World?

Is this the best job in the world? Field testing guru Kelly Cordes takes us on a journey through the extremes of Patagonia’s field testing program and possibly to the brink of hypothermia. We promise this is serious work.

Upon reading the video title, did these two questions come to mind?

How do I get this job? And, is this really a dream job?

Unfortunately, we can’t help you identify a path to becoming the Patagonia gear tester. In fact, you probably can’t plan for a “career” in this field. You’re better off living life to the fullest and praying that a brand/manufacturer takes notice. Did you listen to Kelly’s story? He wasn’t exactly searching for this gig (climbing and pizza was his focus).

In summary, don’t strive to be a gear tester. Instead, aim to live and breathe your hobby.

And the second question: Is this really a dream job? For Kelly Cordes, yes, for you, be careful what you wish for. It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt. Kelly Cordes’ tolerance for gear-testing fails appears to be very high.

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