Horizon Lines Episode 3: Chile

Horizon Lines closes out their three-episode series with their final release – “Chile.”  The series finale follows Forrest Shearer, Nick Russell, Josh Dirksen, Alex Lopez and Jeremy Jones as they travel to Chile and meet pro surfers Ramon Navarro, Coco Puig and Cristian Merello.  The group balances each other’s experience as they trade expertise between the mountain and waves, and further showcase that life isn’t ‘about the outcome; it’s about the trip.’

Forrest notes that his love of the Chilean people and their respect for the environment have pulled him South for countless pilgrimages over the years.  He signs off for the season with a call for an environmental revolution, to save the natural places that provide beauty and adventure around the world.

For those that live life sideways, Chile is a powerful vortex that attracts us to its towering, jagged mountains and barren coastlines. This appeal results in an annual August pilgrimage south of the equator and teleporting back into winter. Follow Forrest Shearer and friends from the coast to the mountains in this adventure!

Watch episode two here: Horizon Lines Japan

a film by: Nick Kalisz & Field Day Studio
executive producer: Rene Oehlerking
produced by: Jeff Taylor
directed by: Andrew Miller, Forrest Shearer & Nick Kalisz
filmed by: Nick Kalisz
additional filming by: Teton Gravity Research
edited by: Jacob Oster Nick Kalisz
photographer: Andrew Miller (andrewmillerphotos.com)
artwork: Adam Haynes

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