GoSun Launches Flatware: Utensils That Fit In Your Wallet, Not The Ocean

Utensils that eradicate Single-Use Plastic 

Green Energy Company GoSun – known for their ingenious solar ovens and appliances – introduce their latest innovation: Flatware. The size and shape of a credit card, Flatware – a pop out travel utensil set – aims to target single-use plastic head-on by bringing you your own spoon and fork in a practical, clean, and stylish package.

Brought to market by a wildly successful Kickstarter that blew past its campaign goal in the first day, Flatware ticks all the environmentally friendly boxes: it’s reusable, it’s portable, it’s durable. The genius of the design is packing a full utensil set into the footprint of a credit card – just 4mm thick, and 3.3”x2” (LxW) when packed into its included carry case.

GoSun Launches Flatware: Utensils That Fit In Your Wallet, Not The Ocean

To use the set, just slide the stainless steel fork and spoon out of their sleeves and click into place. When finished, retract the spoon and fork ends into their stainless steel handles for mess-free storage. The Flatware set is made of durable 301 stainless and disassembles for easy cleaning.

“At GoSun, we believe that people generally want to do what’s best for the planet, but sometimes just need a little help turning those aspirations into reality,” said Patrick Sherwin, GoSun’s inventor and social entrepreneur. “With Flatware, we’re making it easy to do good. So easy there’s no excuse to go for that single-use plastic ever again.”

The average American throws away over 322 plastic utensils every year. Wallet, purse, or pocket, if you can remember your essentials when you leave your house, you’ll remember your flatware.

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