Jerome Clementz: Family Ride In The Dolomites

“Will having a kid change my life?”
It’s a question that came to mind few years ago.
After 2 years of parenthood, I can finally answer this doubt:

You’ll find my vision on this topic in this video of our last Mountain bike holidays in the Dolomites” –
Jerome Clementz

Max Moulin and the team have been following Jerome, Pauline, and Emil on their ebike trip in the Dolomites. They are using this new way of riding bikes to follow their passion for mountain bikes, outdoor, and sharing together these priceless moments.

And yeah, the kid is enjoying the ride.

‘Where can I get that child seat for my mountain bike? 

We know you were thinking it. 

Unfortunately, we haven’t located the source yet, mainly because it looks custom. Jerome and Pauline, if you’re reading this post, please share your secrets — the blueprints will do.

Directed by: Maxime Moulin
Cinematography: Maxime Moulin / Fred Rousseau
Drone: Fred Rousseau
Mix and Sound Design: Mix & Mouse
Produced by: Loizo Rider
Supported by: Bosch, Cannondale & Val Di Fassa Dolomites
Music: Teché Wé – Instrumental Version by A.M. Beef –

Red Gemini
Dji Inspire II
Mavic Pro II
Zhiyun Crane 3s

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  1. So chuffed to see Jerome and his crew ripping it up with Mac Ride. The pictures tell such a stunning story and bring us back to such happy years when our little ones were small enough to ride with us up front on our Mac Ride prototypes! We keep developing our child bike seat and our family business based on our Mac Ride community feedback, and riders like Jerome who strike the brilliant balance between family adventure and riding-within-comfort-zone sure do make us proud!

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