The plan was simple for XPDTN3 MOROCCO: “escape wintery weather to sunnier climbs…where could we guarantee that the weather would be suited to our needs? At the Sahara Desert — the world’s largest desert spanning northern Africa. Our most accessible point to get to it, Morocco.”

XPDTN3 MOROCCO was to be an out and back ride using two varied routes to seek out the Sahara. Merzouga would be our overnight and here we would be at the start of the expansive Sahara desert. As soon as we reached the outskirts of Erfoud we transitioned from tarmac to gravel, the WTB Ranger tyres soaking up the undulations as we followed the vague desert tracks developed by 4x4s and camels before us. Navigating proved no challenge as the terrain was so flat and the trails so numerous on the ground we simply headed in the direction we wanted to get to and let the Exploro bikes deal with the rest. This was going to be, by the way, the first time for XPDTN3 testing the New Exploro Flatmount bikes. Tough test indeed…

Photo and video by Marc Gasch

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