ASSOS Fortoni Jersey and T Equipe Evo Bibs: a Match Made at Elevation

ASSOS cycling jersey

Since 1976, ASSOS has been at the forefront of technical innovation in the sport of cycling, crafting premium apparel that’s synonymous with Swiss quality and attention to detail – sort of like premium chocolate. From the brand’s inception, Toni Maier and his team have challenged industry norms – redefining the way we look at cycling apparel year in and year out, continuously raising the bar when it comes to lighter, dryer, more breathable, and more aerodynamic fabrics.

For 2018, the trend continues:

The Limited Edition ASSOS Kit

In commemoration of the founder’s vision and passion, ASSOS released its limited edition, single production Fortoni Short-Sleeve Jersey and T Equipe Evo Bibs.

Paying homage to this legendary figure for the sport of cycling, I had to ride in the apparel for myself. Your kit can look great, but if it doesn’t provide comfort and performance benefits, it’s best kept on the shelf.

ASSOS ForToni Jersey

Fortoni Short Sleeve Jersey

In true Swiss fashion, the Assos Fortoni jersey is clean and straighforward, letting the aesthetics and fit speak for itself, along with the quality in construction. Commemorating the companies 40th anniversary in 2016, the jersey incorporates a classic touch with a 76′ wreath across the right-hand side of the chest and traditional ASSOS logo on the left, offering a balance between the past and present.

ASSOS Fortoni Jersey

The high-performance garment is stitched with proprietary warp-knit textiles. Additionally, it provides UV50+ protection to help you combat the grueling summer sun. Breathable and odor resistant, this jersey is designed to stand the test of your ride, no matter how much you sweat. Unlike other jerseys where salt marks may develop in areas where sweat can’t wick, this jersey keeps its color and form throughout the long rides and climbs. No chafing or bunching.

ASSOS Fortoni Jersey

The seamless-cut sleeves provide optimal comfort and ample mobility, sitting comfortably around the arms down serpentine turns up and down hills like the fire roads spanning the Tahoe region.

ASSOST Equipe Evo bibs

During winter and spring, the weather in San Francisco is volatile. To meet the demands of these elements, I paired the Fortani Short Sleeve Jersey with a pair of all-black arm warmers. Although the jersey was made to wick away the summer sweat, I was able to ride comfortably through the daily winter fog. Mr. Fog, as they call him.


ASSOS T Equipe Evo Bibs

Sure, a new pair of bib shorts may not make you faster, but they can certainly help you ride from point A to point B in an enjoyable fashion. Simply put, a great pair of bib shorts can influence how often you want to ride and how far you will go.

When it comes to bibs and chamois, ASSOS rests comfortably at the top with some of the best options based on quality. The ASSOS T EQUIPE EVO, a pre-cursor to the S9 generation, is one of the company’s most innovative designs yet — Providing a delicate balance between breathability, performance, and compression.


Paired with the ÉquipeEVO_S7 Insert and ASSOS Waffle, the Equipe Evo keeps your marbles and backside comfortable for hours on end – at least mine was! It’s 4-way stretch reduces friction and molds to your bottom like a second layer of skin, no matter the climb or descent. Both of which are plentiful in and around San Francisco. Honest to say – If there were ever bibs that felt like you were on a set of clouds, these are them! I’ve tested these both on short and long rides and have been impressed with the bottom’s ability to uphold its firmness.

In some cases, when your ride may take you well past the sunset, the T Equipe Ice Color streams on the rear provide a nice reflection against the light, giving the cars behind you a little something extra to “see.” Finished with Krater ventilation holes, the fabric provides constant airflow no matter which direction the wind blows.

ASSOS Fortoni Jersey

Overall, when comparing Bibs, Assos continues to kick ass and take names. The chamois is not cheap, but the quality speaks for itself. And when it comes to choosing the right kit for any riding style, you get what you pay for. And, what you pay for determines how long and far you will ride. If this is a glimpse into the S9 Gen line, we are excited about the future.

Written by: Aaron Tirazona

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