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Bikes can be aesthetically pleasing, a brilliant form of transportation, and, most important, a fun way to exercise. Bikes allow us to interact with the design, reliably get from point A to point B, and keep us healthy — both physically and mentally.

Tell me again why bikes aren’t a more integral part of our culture, available to humans as they go about their day?

Well, I’m going to change that. That’s right, the next bit of information will forever transform the structure of our very society, putting bikes at the center. OK — I’m getting ahead of myself here. In all seriousness, I love bikes for the three main reasons mentioned above (design, transportation, and exercise).

Everyone can make room in their life for riding, even if it’s just for an hour every week. As a legendary cyclist, Eddy Merckx eloquently said, “Ride as much or as little, or as long or as short as you feel, but ride.”

Here’s the kicker: other than current cyclists, the majority of people haven’t found time for cycling or haven’t formed their own connection with bikes. The good news is this can change overnight, and it starts with introducing bikes to the workplace.

The majority of humans on this planet go to work every day, spending around eight hours in an office filled with people and technology. If we (the greater cycling community) want bikes to grow in popularity, we have to put them in front of people. And let’s be honest, when confronted with the option to work or pedal a bike, I’m confident more than 50% of the population would choose the latter.

To motivate more people to embrace cycling, let’s introduce bikes into the workplace. Every workplace. That’s right, whether you work for a beachside advertising agency or a corporate tax firm, there’s room for bikes. The way I see it: if you provide them, they will ride.

With that said, here’s a list of seven bicycles fit for the office that inspire with their excellent design, offer reliable transportation, and serve as a fun method for exercise.

State Ellison city bike

State Bicycle Co. Elliston

Blending timeless charm with modern city bike performance, the Elliston from State Bicycle Co. is the epitome of timeless old-world style and advanced utility. The bike’s classic look is both charming and comforting, and its simplicity provides an irresistible bargain. For under $500 a pop (including the 3-speed drivetrain), the office can afford a fleet!

Priority Continiuum Onyx city bike

Priority Continuum Onyx

The updated Priority Continuum Onyx reminds us what riding a bike is indeed supposed to be about: a fun, comfortable, and pure form of transportation. And after some quality time with this new bike, we are confident you will agree. Enjoy your ride, year-round (with our winter tire package), without the worry of shifting under load or skipping gears with the seamlessly shifting NuVinci rear hub. Just twist the shifter grip to the perfect resistance to go over hills or along the stretched-out bike path. Never stain your pants or fix an ailing rusty chain with the Gates Carbon Drive belt. Start and stop with confidence using the Tektro Hydraulic disc brakes. Internal cable routing helps keeps a clean and refined look. Everyone in the office will want to throw a leg over the Onyx.

Marin Presidio 3 city bike

Marin Presidio 3

The Presidio is Marin’s dedicated commuting range, designed with low maintenance and adaptability in mind. Internal gearing, disc brakes, puncture-resistant tires, and high-performance belt drives are built tough for city streets and repeated use. While the lightweight aluminum frames feature all of the attachment points and braze-ons that commuters demand. Presidio is a dynamic flat-bar road bike. It’s always fun to ride, whether you go for a lunch ride or post-work sprint around the neighborhood. This sleek, modern design offers one incredibly smooth ride, and it’s sure to bring a smile to anyone who takes a spin.

Linus Bike Pronto

Linus Pronto Urban Bike

The Linus Pronto is well-suited for quick errands and daily commutes. The bike’s reflective tires and polished components complement the light-weight alloy frame. The matte shades of indigo and black establish an air of understated class — just the right balance of work and play for the office setting. Afraid of getting your business casual attire dirty? Not to worry, custom fit alloy fenders keep you clean from the road to office.

CO-OP Cycles CTY

Co-op Cycles CTY 1.3 Bike

No chain means less maintenance and ease of use — for everyone in the office. The Co-op Cycles CTY 1.3 bike gets you to work or the coffee shop with a no-fuss belt drive and an efficient and reliable 8-speed internal-gear rear hub. The flat handlebar provides an upright riding position for improved comfort and visibility. Additionally, The CTY 1.3 offers hydraulic disc brakes for consistent performance in all conditions, reflective decals, and reflective tire sidewalls. Platform pedals mean no special shoes required—just jump on and go!

Tokyobike Sport

Tokyobike Sport

The tokyobike Sport is a quick and stealthy urban commuter, offering 9-speeds and a forward-leaning, slightly aggressive riding position. Equipped with a flat handlebar for responsive handling, a sporty cut-out saddle and rubber grips for comfort. The Sport model is referred to as the most handsome model in the range. Unlike other tokyobike models, the Sport comes stock with matte black components, which gives it a more modern and performance-minded look. Made for the stylish urban rider with a need for speed.
Raleigh Redux city bike

Raleigh Redux 2

This best-selling bike is the ultimate multi-use machine. Plus, it’s fast and clean. Designed with a lightweight frame and integrated aluminum fork, the Redux 2 is light enough to lift up steep stairs to an apartment but durable enough for hardcore city use. The Redux 2 provides 9 speeds, a larger diameter handlebar, and hydraulic disc brakes for optimal stopping power. This bike is enhanced with smooth shifting and low maintenance. Big all-terrain tires roll over almost anything in their path. Clean lines, bold block colors, minimal logos, and overall good looks also make the Redux 2 a top pick.

Public Bikes city bike

Public R16 flat Bar

This bike is perfect for both men and women who want a high-performance road bike but prefer the comfort of a flat handlebar. The new PUBLIC R16 offers our lightest Chromoly frame. It boasts a wide gearing range of 16 speeds and rapid-fire trigger shifters for quick and effortless shifting. Like other PUBLIC road bikes, the R16 Flat Bar is built with dual bottle cage mounts, and front and rear mounts, perfect for the PUBLIC rear rack and Porteur front rack. The quick-release wheels make it especially easy to attach to a roof rack or load inside a car for those rides outside of town. Narrow 32mm commuter tires offer nimbler handling than other models, with plenty of shock absorption for rough city streets. Removable, sleek matching fender keep your jeans clean on wet roads without compromising your performance or style.

Didn’t see a bike you and your co-workers can get excited about? No problem. Let us know what you are looking for in the comments section, and we will find an option right for your office crew.

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