Highest Paved Road in Every State in America

Highest Paved Road in Every State in America

Geotab, a pioneer in IoT and connected transportation, through a new study analyzing U.S. road data, has identified the highest paved road in every state in America. If conquering the climb is what drives you – like Colorado’s Mount Evans Scenic Byway (14,132ft) or Hawaui’s Mauna Kea Access Road (13,781ft) – then you can find your next challenge in this interactive piece, which also ranks the top ten most breathtaking views. Or explore the Georgia Brasstown Bald Summit, which marked the end of one of the six stages of the Tour de Georgia cycling event, used by famous cyclists like Lance Armstrong and Floyd Landis as training before heading to France. These rides are sure to leave your body and mind exhilarated.

By analyzing the U.S. Geological Survey’s National Elevation Dataset , Geotab was able to determine the highest road coordinates in each state. Aside from identifying the highest, reachable peaks, Geotab also leveraged the expertise of renowned outdoor photographer, Tony Bynum, to help determine the ranking of the ten most breathtaking views in America that can be accessed by hitting the open road.

At 4,757 feet, the highest point of Alaska’s Dalton Highway (in the Atigun Pass on the Continental Divide) was identified as having the most stunning view in America. Taking second place is Colorado’s Mount Evans Scenic Byway. At 14,132 feet at its peak, it is the highest paved road in North America and one of the highest in the world.

“I’ve visited all of the roads on this list and there is simply nothing like Alaska for solitude and breadth of views,” says Tony Bynum, outdoor photographer and conservationist. “In general, western U.S. scenery is the ‘best’, with a tendency to offer better visibility – up to 100 miles on clear days. However, most of the higher elevations in the west are closed in winter, whereas the central and eastern roads are often available all year round.”

The full ranking of America’s 10 most breathtaking views is below:

“This piece serves as a useful reminder of the sheer beauty that can be seen across America’s world-leading road network,” said Maria Sotra, VP of Marketing at Geotab. “Thanks to the nation’s ever-growing infrastructure system, you no longer have to embark on a grueling hike or commit to climbing a mountain in order to take in an awe-inspiring view. Instead, breathtaking views can often be seen from behind the wheel of a car.”

Explore the full findings and view the stunning landscape photography.

About the data

U.S. Census TIGER/Line® Shapefiles were used to build a set of coordinates representing segments of every road in the United States, then the U.S. Geological Survey’s National Elevation Dataset was applied to establish the height of each segment. Google Maps and OpenStreetMap data was used to exclude roads that were not clearly accessible via an ordinary road vehicle. Roads were analyzed in October 2018.


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