Unlimited’s eBike Conversion Kit Converts Almost any Bike

In this age of quarantine and social distancing, getting outside for a bike ride is one of the few exercising pleasures just about anyone can still enjoy. With an ultra-low weight and stylish design, Unlimited’s eBike Kit requires minimal installation – just swap out the front wheel and then snap in the battery and patent-pending Bluetooth pedal sensor. The Kit works with disc or rim brakes, comes in any wheel size 16” to 29”, and is great for city, trekking, gravel, or road bikes. For those who don’t want a DIY project and would prefer a fully assembled and ready-to-go eBike, Unlimited also offers a city crushing eBike specifically developed for the perfect commute. 

Integrated WiFi and Bluetooth fine-tune the ride and deliver industry-leading service through remote diagnostics and automatic updates, while a single multi-color LED button and the Unlimited app dashboard provide live statistics for a stealthy ride. Systems are capable of pumping out up to 750 W and reaching 35 km/h (22 mph), but are capped to comply with local rules and regulations.

“We are launching via IndieGoGo in order to secure a large production batch and reduce the manufacturing costs,” notes Carlos Kubler, CEO of Unlimited. “By doing so, we can provide a substantial discount to our early supporters and take all our advanced technology to the bikes of as many people as possible right from the start.” 

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