Two Bike Tours, Eight Countries, and Unforgettable Memories With Tourissimo and Ride & Seek

2,300 Mile Paris-to-St. Petersburg "Napoleon" Cycling Tour

Ride & Seek Adventures, the adventure travel company known for its Hannibal Expedition cycling tour from Barcelona to Rome, is thrilled to introduce an even more audacious excursion taking riders on a 36-day bike tour from Paris to St. Petersburg.

Epic 2,300 Mile Paris-to-St. Petersburg “Napoleon” Cycling Tour Announced:

The “Napoleon Epic Adventure” crosses seven countries and two continents following in the footsteps of Napoleon’s Grande Armée. It begins in Paris with a spin down the Champs-Élysées, followed by aperitifs under the shadow of the Arc de Triomphe before departing for Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Russia—through rolling vineyards, deep forests, medieval villages, and historic cities. The tour is slated for July 6 – August 10, 2019, and starts at $15,850 USD. There is an option to ride 8-day or 15-day stages of the tour starting at $3,560 USD. For more information, visit

“Our guests will experience total immersion into the landscape, history, and culture as we ride this inspirational trail on the roads less traveled,” said Ride & Seek Founder, Dylan Reynolds. “We will sample the culinary delights and embrace the abundant cultural and historical elements as we meander our way across Europe.”

Epic 2,300 Mile Paris-to-St. Petersburg "Napoleon" Cycling Tour Announced:

Guests will ride across the Champagne region of France into the picturesque, castle-clad green hills of southern Germany. The route then heads through UNESCO-protected medieval villages in Poland to the North Sea. From here, it moves east via the great lakes of Poland and The Baltics. Guests will eventually arrive in St. Petersburg, a city Napoleon never took, but a must-see on a Russian odyssey.

We will visit expert champagne makers, eat wonderful regional cuisine, explore UNESCO recognized sites, and ride through beautiful forests, remote territory, and bustling cities, all in the footsteps of Napoleon,” said Reynolds.

Tourissimo and Ride & Seek Announce New Cycling Tour Exploring Italy’s “Boot” – Puglia

Tourissimo and Ride & Seek Announce New Cycling Tour Exploring Italy's "Boot" – Puglia
Tourissimo and Ride & Seek Announce New Cycling Tour Exploring Italy’s “Boot” – Puglia

Puglia – the “spur” and “heel” of the Italian boot – is one of Europe’s great agricultural areas, producing much of Italy’s wine and olive oil, large quantities of its fruit and vegetables, and most of the hard durum wheat used to make its pasta. Situated between the blue waters of the Adriatic Sea and the forests and mountains of Basilicata, Puglia offers a landscape of beguiling views, ancient olive groves, and UNESCO World Heritage sites. This new cycling tour being offered by Tourissimo and Ride & Seek as part of their PLUS Tours series highlights two of these UNESCO sites – Alberobello and Matera. The former is known for its Trulli, whitewashed stone huts with conical roofs, and the latter for its cave dwellings built into the calcareous rock. Guests will bike the gorgeous back roads of Puglia, averaging about 40 km per day, and spend evenings at luxury hotels and fine restaurants dining on gourmet cuisine and sipping wines.

Tourissimo and Ride & Seek Announce New Cycling Tour Exploring Italy's "Boot" – Puglia

“From the Adriatic Sea to the stones of Matera, this Puglia tour explores the most beautiful riding destinations in Southern Italy,” said Ride & Seek Founder Dylan Reynolds. “We will cycle rolling landscapes carpeted with olive groves, vineyards, whitewashed hill towns, and fishing villages.”

The trip starts in Savelletri with fig trees, blooming cacti, and herb gardens offering delightful fragrances. Guests will next ride through one of the gems of Puglia, the Valle D’Itria. Its wooded slopes, vineyards, and endless olive groves are punctuated by the coned roofs of Trulli.

“While many regions of Italy boast of having the best food in the world, Puglia could claim this title due to its simple preparations that allow the true flavors of the food to stand out,” said Beppe Salerno, Co-Founder of Tourissimo. “There are vineyards all over the region producing some excellent wines including full-bodied reds like Salice Salentino, Primitivo, and Nero di Troia, and refreshing white and rosé wines.”

Tourissimo and Ride & Seek Announce New Cycling Tour Exploring Italy's "Boot" – Puglia

Tour Highlights:

  • Touring Matera where the 2016 remake of Ben-Hur was filmed
  • Discovering the white-washed town of Ostuni and the beaches near the fishing village of Savelletri
  • Visiting two UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Alberobello & Matera
  • Riding among the Trulli of Valle d’Itria
  • Attending a demonstration by a master cheese maker
  • Exploring the Greek Ruins of Egnazia
  • Lodging in the award-winning Sextantio Hotel

The tour is scheduled for October 10-17, 2019 and starts at USD $4,195. For more info, visit

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