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On July 24th, Erick Cedeno, aka Bicycle Nomad, crossed into St. Louis, Missouri, after spending 41 days in the saddle: The 1900-mile journey born of a commitment to bring truth and dignity to an oft-forgotten part of history. 

In 1897, an all-Black regiment of U.S. soldiers, called the 25th Infantry Regiment Bicycle Corps, set out on a mission: starting at their base in Ft. Missoula, Montana, they would ride 1,900 miles to St. Louis, Missouri, on bicycles.

Erick’s ride serves as not only an invitation to learn the story but also a means of paying homage to the Buffalo Soldiers’ 25th Infantry Bicycle Corps by reliving their history.

The Truth and Dignity Project with Bicycle Nomad is a film from Hammerhead and produced by Bang Bang Films that follows Cedeno’s journey.

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