TRANSSYLVANIA – a “Cycle me Home” Story

In the summer of 2014, a group of friends got on their bikes to ride around the beautiful hills of Transylvania – a magical land that once belonged to Hungary.

Inspired by the legendary Sir David Attenborough, this movie tells the story of the cyclists and their experiences in the area in the style of wildlife documentaries.

Featuring the first drone sequence of the “most dangerous road”, the Transfagarasan; original musical recordings of local shepherds and the otherworldy music of Andras Toth – narrated by Gyula Szersén (who is the Hungarian voice of Sir Attenborough himself in his spare time).

This movie got the honour to be screened at film festivals like: SHAFF, BFF NYC, Rueda, LLAMFF, Montanha Pico and many more.

Best road movie at the 61. Independent Film Festival, Budapest.

Narrated by Gyula Szersén

Music by Andras Toth

Director of photography – Máté Pálla

Sound – Jorge Alarcón

Editor – Levente Klára

Aerial cinematography – Edit Blaumann and János Lázár

Color – Anna Stalter @ Spájz

Written and directed by Máté Pálla and Levente Klára

all rights reserved

Cycle me home


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