The X-project: See a Combination of Snowboarding, Speedriding, and Snowkiting

The X-project is unique in the world and embodies a combination of different sports in a breathtaking snowy landscape in the Engadine mountains in Switzerland. Windsurfing in powder snow together with speed riding, snowboarding, and snowkiting. The unique thing about the X-project is the combination of different sports in the snow. In the history of winter sports, these sports have never been combined in this way. The X-project shows unprecedented images and opens up new dimensions in winter sports.

The X-Project Athletes

Levi Siver from Maui and Balz Müller from Biel in Switzerland and their snow windsurfers draw the “X” in pristine powder snow slopes in the Engadine mountains.

The windsurfing legend Levi Siver is one of the world’s best big-wave windsurfers. In his hometown of Maui, he surfs the world’s biggest waves in Hookipa and Jaws. The Swiss courtship Müller is a pioneer in foil sport. He is the reigning windsurf foil world champion and won the Wing Foil World Cup in Tarifa earlier this year.

The athletes of the air in the X-project are Maxime Chabloz with the snowkite and Ueli Kestenholz with the speed rider. Maxime Chabloz is a multisport talent and junior world champion in freestyle kitesurfing and at the same time junior world champion in freeride skiing. He also made his breakthrough with the men and won the first Kite Freestyle World Cup in Brazil. Ueli Kestenholz is also a multisport legend and is a multiple World Cup winner and Olympic participant in alpine snowboarding.

After his active time as a snowboarder, Ueli Kestenholz has developed into a speed riding pioneer and is one of the world’s best speed riders. The X-project team is completed by the Austrian snowboard freeride legend Flo Orley, who was active on the Freeride World Tour for over 10 years and has won various tour stops. His greatest successes are a Vice World Champion title on the Freeride World Tour and the victories at the legendary Engadinsnow Freeride Contest.

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