GSI’s Most Sustainable Tableware and Kitchen Tools for Camping

GSI's most sustainable line of tableware and kitchen tools, the Rakau Collection

GSI Outdoors today launched its most sustainable line of tableware and kitchen tools. The seven-item line of products, called the Rakau Collection, is made from a variety of sustainably-sourced FSC wood, and eco-friendly, recycled materials. 

The collection consists of a 3-piece Cutlery Set, a Spatula, a Chef Spoon, and Tongs made from solid, FSC certified plantation-grown beechwood; a Cutting Board, and a Picnic Table with foldable legs and convenient wine glass holders each made with plentiful bamboo; and 3-piece Stainless Steel Knife Set made with up-cycled production wood scrap laminated into an ultra tough composite handle. 

Built for those looking to avoid plastics and invest in long-lasting, sustainably-made products, Rakau provides convenient options made for a variety of settings whether at home or on adventures, like picnicking at the beach, sharing a meal at the cabin, or putting a meal together while destination camping. All Rakau products are also sold in sustainable packaging on FSC board and printed with vegetable-based ink. 

“We’ve always been big on hyper-functional design and products that benefit people’s lives and add something positive to their experiences outside and sharing meals with loved ones,” said GSI Outdoors Director of Design & Marketing Kurt Gauss. “We’ve had our hearts set on a sustainable line for years and years now. Not only do we as a company believe in preserving the land that we get to play on, we truly believe our customers care about it too. And this new Rakau line is our opportunity to share our belief in designing environmentally-conscientious products with the world, and to make an impact through nonprofit donations.” 

Sustainable camping cookware and tableware:

Rakau Picnic Table (MSRP $49.95): a lightweight (2lbs 15oz.), versatile table with aluminum legs that fold beneath the durable bamboo table-top that doubles as a cutting board. Best of all, it has two convenient metal wine glass holders that swing out from either side to prevent spills and provide an uncluttered table surface. 

A sustainably made cooking table for camping
Rakau Picnic Table

Rakau Knife Set (MSRP $69.95): The set includes the compact bamboo Rakau Cutting Board with a juice gutter, a recycled microfiber dish towel, a soap bottle, knife sharpener, and a set of three masterfully crafted stainless steel knives with waterproof wood laminate handles made from floor sweepings of an FSC certified sawmill. Each knife comes with its own protective sheath, designed to make the set last for generations: 

  • Chef Knife- 6″ Santoku blade with Granton scallops for gracefully thin slicing 
  • Bread Knife-6” serrated bread knife to tackle even the hardest baguette crusts with laser precision 
  • Paring Knife- 3.5″ blade that deftly maneuvers through crisp fruit cores 
Camping knife set
Rakau Knife Set

Rakau Cutting Board (MSRP $6.95): A dual-sided laminated bamboo cutting board includes a dripping gutter for managing liquids on the cutting board. 

Rakau Cutting Board

Rakau 3pc. Cutlery Set (MSRP $8.95): includes a wood knife, wood fork, and wood spoon all made from solid FSC certified beechwood, and comes in a high-quality, durable, and compact travel bag made from recycled rPET sourced from post-consumer water bottles. 

Camping cookware
Rakau 3pc. Cutlery Set

The Rakau Spatula (MSRP $4.95)Rakau Chef Spoon (MSRP $4.95), and Rakau Tongs (MSRP $5.95) are made from FSC beech wood and are easily cleaned by hand washing with warm water and soap (each piece sold separately). 

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