The Dirt Nap Shaped By Ben McTavish

The latest board creation from Ben McTavish — The Dirt Nap — reinforce a surfboards ability to be both functional and beautiful.

The Dirt Nap is best suited to intermediate/advanced surfers (not recommended for beginners) who place emphasis on all-round rideability over specifics such as outright noseriding. The board is a thing of great beauty with its sleek outline, triple gang 1/8” cedar stringers, wide laps and 3 special colour pigments. The glass on white fin and clear leash loop top off the perfect combination of form and function. With the limited sizing and colour options available you’ll only need to make 2 decisions to get yourself onto one!

The Dirt Nap Board Construction

The construction of the Dirt Nap continues this detail theme. A unique clustered 3 stringer glue-up, a white or pastel 8oz pigment deck and rails, wide laps and an 8oz volan insert form the base, then work in with more subtle details like the clear glass-on leash loop and pin-line free lamination, which showcases Bill McLeans perfect cut-laps. Simplicity forms the basis for this model, and as such there are only 3 available sizes and 3 available colors.

Clip featuring: Josie Prendergast, and award-winning local film-maker Stefan Jose.

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