A Second Chance At Patagonia – Salomon Running

Imagine traveling across the globe to visit a dream destination like Patagonia, only to discover that you don’t understand their culture. This is exactly what happened to Dakota Jones on his last journey to Northern Patagonia. He explains that his disagreement and lack of understanding caused him to completely check out mentally, and miss all that the famous region has to offer. Well, that won’t happen this time.

Stretching in an unbroken sweep of agitated geology, Patagonia spans a massive area of over a million square kilometres and yet is home to less than two million people. With no clear objective and no set goal, American Alpine Runner, Dakota Jones, journeys to Northern Patagonia to explore the culture and landscape of one of the most romanticised regions in the world. Travelling South along the famed Carretera Austral he discovers a people rich in smiles and a land littered with mountains and glaciers.

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