The Culture of Vanlife by The Rolling Home

The Culture of Vanlife book

The Culture of Vanlife presented from The Rolling Home, might be the best coffee-table book of the year… and even the past five years. It’s an inspirational book about the freedom and mobility of vanlife and creating an alternative, on the road, lifestyle.

After years of traveling around Europe in their camper, Calum Creasey and Lauren Smith decided to combine their love for design with their passion for adventure. The result: The Rolling Home, a website, Instagram account, and quarterly journal. Their success in drawing an audience is no secret (thank you, social media) but much of their adventures remains unseen by many. Until now. The Culture of Vanlife unveils the imagery and stories captured by this unique duo. And for those of you interested in adopting the vanlife… well, there’s plenty of helpful information to absorb and digest before you make any serious decisions.

To wet your feet (yes, that’s a reference to the ocean-first lifestyle we so desperately want to live), here are a bundle of vanlife images that will have you craving adventure.

Feel the wanderlust from photos by Calum Creasey, James Bowden, Jessica Riddell, Simon Newbury, Stephanie Rhodes, and Xenia Kegel.

Are you hooked? If so, visit The Rolling Home online store and prep your table for a new centerpiece.


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