How to Ride Rock Gardens | #MTBminute With H+I Adventures

Learn how to master rock gardens on an MTB | The #MTBminute with H+I Adventures:

H+I Adventures have crafted a series of #MTBminute videos designed to give you easy-to-follow tips for your mountain bike life; In this installment of #MTBminute they are showing you the best way to keep your wheels rolling smoothly, even when you encounter a rock garden…

During your riding lifetime, you are going to come across unexpected rock gardens when you are out riding your mountain bike. One of the hardest parts of coming across an unexpected rock garden is keeping calm, focused on the outcome, not the problem.

Perfecting this technique will take some time, but in this episode of the #MTBminute our lead Scottish guide Chris Gibbs gives you the basics to get you on your way to finding some real smooth trail speed.

With these few top tips and some practice, you will soon be flowing that rock garden and maintaining your speed through your favorite trail.

The “#MTBminute” brings together more than a decade of collective knowledge and experience gained around the globe by H+I Adventures’ expert guides; real on the ground issues that we have come across in all four corners of the globe. They might still take a lifetime to master but with the #MTBminute at least you’ll be off to a solid start. Check out H+I TV at

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