Specialized Hypes Wyoming With Their New Video

We all dream of having a week off to ride the legendary countryside of Jackson Hole while saving some time for fly fishing in the afternoon. Well, when your a pro rider for Specialized this is exactly what you can look forward to… or at least that’s what they want us to think. Sure, Jared Graves has earned his right to ride wherever he wants, whenever he would like to, but it’s still a pretty spectacular dream for the average human.

The Destination Trail series from Specialized works to inspire everyone on two wheels to get out there and ride with passion in search of adventure. We can most definitely appreciate that and continue to live with a similar approach towards life.

In this episode of Destination Trail, we follow Curtis Keene and Jared Graves to the epic trails of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Aboard the all-new Enduro, the pair check some trails off of their bucket lists, dive headfirst into hitchhiking, and go native in one of mountain biking’s most drool-worthy locales.

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