Revolutionary Nuyarn Spinning Tech Creates The Only True Performance Wool

Nuyarn is a revolutionary spinning technology that amplifies the natural performance properties of merino, producing yarn for ultralight, high-performance stretch fabrics. Whereas conventional ringspun or corespun merino twists wool fibers into a rope-like structure (which significantly reduces the performance potential of wool), Nuyarn drafts fibers along a high-performance core, creating a structure that amplifies the fiber’s natural properties.

Nuyarn’s incredibly fine, 2 ply twist-free yarn performs better across the board – in stretch, loft, strength, comfort, volume, dry time, next-to-skin feel and mechanical abrasion, spirality, pilling, elasticity, warmth, and ultraviolet protection.

The differences between ringspun, corespun and Nuyarn structures.

The following benefits of Nuyarn were confirmed in tests performed by Dr. Stewart Collie, Science Team Leader of the Bioproduct and Fiber Technology Dept. at AgResearch NZ.

Compared to traditional merino, with up to 35% more volume and aeration, Nuyarn based fabric outperforms competitors in 5 key areas:

5x Faster Drying: Nuyarn begins to absorb moisture at the vapor stage before it becomes droplets – one tier before synthetic fibers can absorb moisture.

35% More Elasticity: Nuyarn offers up to 35% more stretch than conventional Merino, and regains its original length to 100%.

53% Less Air Permeability: Nuyarn fabrics are up to 53% less air permeable than conventional merino fabrics.

35% Higher Thermal Retention: Nuyarn fabrics offer up to 35% more thermal retention than conventional Merino fabrics.

50% Higher Burst Strength & 120% Stronger Seams: Nuyarn fabrics offer up to 50% higher burst strength and 120% stronger seams.

Additional Benefits of Nuyarn:

Because Nuyarn is a mechanical process (vs. chemical), the benefits last for the entire lifetime of the garment.

Nuyarn garments outlast traditional merino garments by up to 3x.

More Comfortable – No twist means greater comfort and softness. (The itchiness of traditional merino results primarily from the twisting of yarn into a ropelike structure, forcing smaller fibers to stick out).

Technology and Sustainability

Nuyarn spinning machines are proprietary and built from the ground up.

On a like-for-like basis, Nuyarn technology uses 30% less raw materials, and with top-of-the-line machinery, it can be spun between 140 – 240m a minute, compared to conventional ring spinning at 12-14m a minute. That means Nuyarn facilities consume less space and use less energy.

Nuyarn Accreditations:

OEKO-TEX® 100 accredited

Responsibly sourced, certified non-mulesed merino wool

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