Red Hook Crit: Milano No.7, it’s an Inspirational Place for Designers

Milan is more than just the location for Red Hook Crit: Milano No.7, it’s an inspirational place for designers of all walks of life. Fashion, architecture, art—you name it, it’s there. But as far as designer Erik Nohlin’s concerned, the best thing to come out of that fair city is not Prada, Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, or Kartell, it’s Ettore Sottsass, “the only real punk rocker the field of design has ever had.” Never heard of Sottsass? Prepare to take your lesson, because to get to the soul of Nohlin’s Red Hook Crit Team Allez-Allez collection, you must first meet the man who stoked that fire.

Specialized has embraced the meaning of design in motion and their latest Allez crit bikes are living proof. If you have any creative bone in your body these beautiful creations stick out like a soar thumb in the best way possible. The bicycle really is the best form of transportation on the planet and we can’t help but believe that it’s also a form of art.
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