Red Bull Dual Ascent: Climbing History at the Verzasca Dam

Red Bull Dual Ascent is the world’s first head-to-head multi-pitch climbing competition on artificial routes featuring 16 elite climbers paired up into eight rope teams to battle it out to the top of the Verzasca Dam, Switzerland. After the qualification, two teams compete in the small final and two teams in the final, leaving one winning team. This unique competition concept provides innovation at the highest level of climbing and brings together climbers across various disciplines – presenting new challenges and ways of competing for elite athletes.

The total climbing height was 180m, with more than 200 holds. The six pitches were a minimum of 6C and went up to a difficulty level 8B for the finals on the French numerical system. Alberto Ginés López (ESP) and Luka Potočar (SLO) triumph in an exciting head-to-head-finish!

Going head-to-head in the small final were Stefano Ghisolfi (ITA) and Marcello Bombardi (ITA) against Petra Klingler (SUI) and Louna Ladevant (FRA). The Italian Stefano Ghisolfi started right off with a quick beginning and managed to ascend at a high speed. It developed being an exciting race between both teams with the two Italians having the advantage. The Italian Marcello Bombardi also showed a strong performance. The Italian team finished in 54:05min taking the win of the small final and earning 3rd place.

In the final Domen Škofic (SLO) & Jernej Kruder (SLO) competed vs. Alberto Ginés López (ESP) & Luka Potocar (SLO). Kruder and Škofic, who won the qualifications, set up a high speed from the very beginning showing their strength. Domen Škofic was the first to reach the top.

Jernej Kruder started to follow but missed one hold and fell into the rope, which meant a penalty for this team. They finished in 53:41min and 2 penalty points.

In the other team, Luka Potocar showed a consistently strong performance, mastering all brutal holds an making it to the top.

Spanish world-class climber López managed to keep the race open over the whole part of the ascent. In the last third he took the opportunity of Kruder’s miss and made it up without a penalty. The finishing time of 51:27min got him and Luka Potocar the win.

The Winners Ceremony was held on the Verzasca Dam honoring the podium: Cheering crowd and sparkling champagne completed the scenery.

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