Pump For Skills with Stefan Garlicki

Pump tracks have become increasingly common and popular places to play on your bike. By incorporating many BMX techniques, a good pump track rider can generate speed without pedaling but also translate the skills from the pump track back out onto the trails.

In the video below, PRO Community Rider Stefan Garlicki shows you how to do just that. By working on your pumping, cornering, and jumping in the safe, sessionable, and contained space of the pump track, you take your mountain biking to new heights on the trails. The skills you perfect on the track translate directly to more speed, better flow, and increased safety on cross-country, down-country, Enduro, and even downhill trails. 

So, take a look and get practicing. Stefan’s dirt jump bike is optimized for fun and control with a PRO Koryak RiserHandlebarand Stem. Though he does not spend much time seated on the saddle, he has a PRO Stealth Off-road Saddle fitted to his SCOTT Voltage YZ bike. The Stealth Off-road Saddle is his saddle of choice due to its shorter length, which keeps the saddle out of Stefan’s way while pumping, bunny hopping, and jumping.

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