Power Practical Debuts Electrical Charge Device for ALL Adventures

Power Practical Sparkr

After six successful Kickstarter projects, Power Practical is at it again, combining their geeky nature with the desire to create products you can use on a daily basis. The Sparkr and Sparkr mini are unique, multi-functional tools that give you the power to create fire and light wherever your adventures may take you.

The team at Power Practical is a small inventive group of guys who like to tinker with electricity and build practical durable solutions that make life better. True story: a few years ago the guys were building a home-made 6ft-tall Tesla Coil when it the idea struck them to make a smaller version for everyday carry. After a more than a year of research and development, they’re very proud to release Sparkr and Sparkr mini.

Power Practical Sparkr

Sparkr sends a concentrated electrical charge between two electrodes, providing reliable ignition in the windiest, coldest, and wettest of the conditions. Flip it around and take advantage of the built-in 150 lumen flashlight with 3-settings: high, medium, and low. The Sparkr is a sleek, practical and durable gadget designed for the rigors of backcountry adventure and the convenience of everyday carry.

Power Practical Sparkr Power Practical Sparkr

Sparkr Characteristics

• Flameless ignition

• Plasma lighter works in wind, rain, or snow

• Slim body and targeted ignition perfect for lighting hard-to-reach areas (candles, etc.)

• Ignition electrodes encased in high-temp, durable and weather-shedding plastic

• 150 lumen flashlight with 3 brightness settings

• Powered by 3,350 mAh rechargeable Li-Ion cell (no butane fuel)

• Battery Life: 4 hours on high, 16 hours on low

• Battery Life: hundreds of plasma ignitions

• Micro USB charging port (protected by twistable flashlight head casement)

• Body made from durable anodized aluminum

• Quick release end-cap protects plasma lighter and transforms flashlight into a lantern

• Available in 2 color schemes: brushed silver and black

• Purchase includes noodle-tie for quick & easy tethering and charging cable

• Weight: 5.2 oz (less than 1/3 lb.)

• Kickstarter Pricing: $35

• Retail Pricing: $50


Power Practical Sparkr Power Practical Sparkr

Sparkr Mini Characteristics

• X-shaped plasma lighter / flameless ignition

• Plasma lighter works in wind, rain, or snow

• Magnetic flip top

• Made with high-temp, durable and weather-shedding plastic

• 15 lumen flashlight

• Micro-USB charging port

• Weight: 3.2 oz

• Kickstarter Pricing: $20

• Retail Pricing: $30

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