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Stinner Frameworks Custom Cross Bike

What do Ritchey Designs, Stinner Frameworks, and Ornot all have in common? Not only are they all Northern California companies, but they also work together to produce one sexy looking dirt racer. Residing in the San Carlos, Santa Barbara, and San Francisco, these three brands are highly influential on current designs and future trends across the cycling industry. Craftsmanship and detail are common ground when discussing the strengths of these brands and it’s transparent on this one-of-a-kind build.  The custom hand built steel cyclocross frame by Stinner features a brand new Ritchey tapered thru axel disc fork, as well as their new tapered headset. Matched perfectly to the Ornate cyclocross team colors, you can catch this thing under Ornot riders at races all around California.


Ornot worked with Stinner to build a custom steel cyclocross frame for the collaboration. A small, but powerful team designs, fabricates, welds and paints at their workshop in Santa Barbara. They walk you through each part of the process as your bike is designed and built exactly as you want it. Stinner frames are highly regarded on a global scale and for good reason. The impeccable quality and customizable paint makes these steeds shine. More importantly, they tell a story that is authentic to the rider who assisted in its creation.

Stinner Frameworks Custom Cross Bike

Stinner Frameworks Custom Cross Bike

With an in house painter, Stinner is capable of executing whatever the customer can dream up. That being said, even their simple paint schemes are beautifully executed and worth every penny. The Ornot team bike paint is designed to match their CX racers’ skinsuits, and is just about as matchy matchy as one can ever get. The color matching and attention to detail is astounding – truly exceptional. It’s going to hurt our souls to take this into battle.

Stinner Frameworks Custom Cross Bike


As a result of this collaboration, the Ornate team will be the first to ride Ritchey‘s new tapered thru-axel disc fork, as well as their new headset. The fork is a 1-1/8″ to 1-1/4″ full UD monocoque carbon fork, featuring an integrated crown race, post mounts for disc brakes, 12mm thru axle and clearance for 40c tires. This thing is truly ready to race.



Ritchey Designs Custom Cross Bike

The new headset was developed to be mated specifically to Ritchey’s new tapered disc fork. Designed to accommodate a 44mm ID tapered head tube, these headsets are sold as uppers and lowers to cater to different head tube options. Release date has yet to be announced but keep your eyes peeled. Until then, you can catch a glance as Ornot continues to post photos of this beautiful bike on the Blog and Instagram.


As the driver of this collaboration, Ornot is a cycling apparel manufacturer that is dedicated to minimalism in appearance with strong opposition to and over-the-top branding. They also happen to produce all of their goods right here in the U.S.A. Most importantly, all of their products are founded on riding and having a good time with the people who share this passion. Doesn’t get much better than that!

Ornot Custom Cross Bike

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