Patagonia Is Disrupting The Apparel Business And We Love It

Patagonia is out to change the apparel business for good, and won’t stop disrupting the industry until other large brands vow to change their ways. It’s hard to believe that the majority of apparel in the world is created in awful conditions, by humans who are treated unfairly; neglected by the brands that we cherish most. For a long time now, there’s been too little transparency in the garment industry. When we buy clothing, we’re often oblivious to the reality of how it was made—not to mention the true human and ecological costs of the manufacturing process.

Patagonia is taking new steps in the surf world by going the extra mile to do the right thing—making as many surf products as possible in Fair Trade Certified facilities.

“As I step into MAS Active-Leisureline, a Fair Trade Certified factory that makes Patagonia products near Colombo, Sri Lanka, the first thing that confronts my senses is the sound.”

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