New Onewheel Ultra-Versatile Camera Tool

We challenged long time Burton Snowboards cinematographer, Aaron Hooper, to push the creative limits while filming on Onewheel. The shots Aaron was able to create in two days of filming are unreal.

Shot on Onewheel x DJI Ronin x Sony A7sii x Canon EF 16-35 F/2.8L Lens

From Aaron:
“The Onewheel allows you to get creative. It’s an extremely versatile camera tool. You can do leading shots, tracking shots following shots, slow moving sliders, fast moving sliders, pick a line and you can do the longest dolly ever.”

“We all know the moves that we want to accomplish but yet it take all these tools. You have to set this up (motions at gear), then break that down then set that up (motions at more gear) then break that down. Within 30 minutes you have so many shots in the bag because you’re just zipping all over the place and you’re not even breaking a sweat. You’re really just standing there.”

“One of the shots I really started envisioning was this ground cineflex shot. You know we’ve all seen the cineflex shot where the heli is spinning around a subject and you get that background rotating with the subject in focus. I knew I’d be able to do that with a Onewheel – not having a track and being able to do organic lines and arcs. I think one of my favorite shots from this project is this one of these cineflex type shots we got in the mountains. You’re justing spinning around the subject – It’s beautiful. And to be able to accomplish that with a Ronin and an affordable Onewheel compared to the other camera tools out there – it gets me excited and I feel like we are just scratching the surface.”

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