Lost In Kyrgyzstan Video Travel Guide

Sara Izzi and Timur Tugalev, digital nomads and authors of the Travel blog The Lost Avocado.com document for the first time, the incredible country of Kyrgyzstan.
From Bishkek, Capital of Kyrgyzstan, to the dreaming sceneries of the lake of Song Köl, from Orto Tokoy, a reservoir of turquoise water in the Kochkor District, up to Issik Kul, UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, and Karakol, with its canyons, wild parks and colourful markets.

The seams of the mountains of Kyrgyzstan, drawn by a gentle black pencil, the white sand that embrace alpine lakes lashed by the September breeze, create a magnificent sight that leaves you breathless.
We hope you enjoy the fascinating landscapes of Kyrgyzstan, a Central Asian gem yet to be discovered.

Lost in Kyrgyzstan filmed in 4K with a drone.
More on: thelostavocado.com

Video By: Sara Izzi and Timur Tugalev

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