Living in a Van and Enjoying Every Second of it

Vanlife diaries explores the world of living small. From tiny trailers to old Toyota vans, this growing community is more of a culture shift than simply a new trend. It used to be that a two story house, two kids and a couple of cars symbolized true success. Not anymore! Now days, couples, family and even friends are looking for less stressful lifestyles that don’t require a mortgage or crippling monthly rent. Simple put, a van and a dog will do. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Vanlife diaries is doing what should have been done many years ago: showing everyday successful people how they can live better with less.

In this episode Vanlife diaries explores the current van community of Colorado. You can follow along by visiting some of the subjects in the video through the links below.

Tiny House Tiny Footprint:

Vanlife Diaries America

Colby (Music and Vanliving)…

Lifestyle over Luxury Clothing Line

Wayfarer Vans

Enigmatics Nomadics on YT…

Enigmatic Nomadics Vlog on YT…

Carteo Handmade (Minimalist Jewelry)

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