Living in a Land Rover in Norway – 10 Days in the Highlands

Kasper Høglund is a full-time photographer living in a 2014 Land Rover Discovery 4. He has lived across the county to learn photography. He’s also decided to start making videos like this in a different format to show you more about his life. 

Here’s Kasper’s story:

I got rid of my apartment several years ago. And lived the first 20 months full-time in the car. I then moved back south to overhaul the 250 000 km LR. While doing so, I rented a small garage together with some friends. During this period, I slept in the garage and in the back of a dorky-looking Peugeot to make ends meet. 

I’ve gone back to living full-time in the car since late winter last year. Working as a photographer, I mostly use this car as a bed when I’m in the city. I’m either working, fixing the car, or spending time doing something else. It is definitely not a “practical” car to live in. But wouldn’t see myself living in a boring van, either. 

The reason I spend so much time at work during these days downtown is to be able to do what I built this car for. Escape into the Norwegian scenery to both captures and enjoy it all! 

Kasper Høglund

Instagram: @kasper.hoglund

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