Learning To Escape Through Cycling – Lee Craigie’s

Lee Craigie of The Adventure Syndicate shares her short film about cycling the Caledonia Way Scotland. Her perspective on life is astonishingly similar to what many of us adventure seekers feel, or once felt. Through biking, she has empowered herself and many others to take control of their inner struggles; designing a more appropriate solution to their problems.

This video was filmed along NCN78, the Caledonia Way. The Caledonia Way is a long distance cycle route, linking Campbeltown in the west, with the Highland capital of Inverness in the east.

“Because of the bike, I had access to a world that they didn’t even know to dream of” 

Biking is an expression of freedom and exploration. Lee Craigie understand this as she used the sport to transform her life from what it once was. Every time she jumps don her riding steel bike, her world grew larger and larger from what it was the day prior. It can of the same for you.

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