Learn how to fix a Tubeless Tire Puncture on a Mountain Bike | The #MTBminute:

H+I Adventures have crafted a new series of #MTBminute videos designed to give you easy-to-follow tips for your mountain bike life; In this installment of #MTBminute they are showing you the best way to keep your wheels turning even after getting a puncture on the trail.
In recent years, tire- and tubeless technology have come on leaps and bounds, but there are still times when the skills run out and you find that ill-placed rock, root or thorny bush; all hidden and waiting to ruin a perfect day on the trails.

Having the ability to safely and quickly fix your tubeless puncture on your mountain bike is essential and in this edition of #MTBminute, H+I Adventures guide Chris Gibbs shows you the key stages of how to plug that hole and continue your ride without getting into a mess!

With these top tips you’ll be ready to plug that hole and carry on the ride you were enjoying with your mates.
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