James Barkman | Lifestyle Photographer By Praemio

After cruising out to the West Coast from Pennsylvania in his VW Bus for a photography internship, James Barkman has set his sights on living on his own terms. For him this means perfecting his craft by hunting down photo-ops full time in his Westfalia with Surfboards on top and a Dual-Sport Motorcycle in tow.


James, 22, might not be as conventional when it comes to his living arrangements, but creating a space to be creative in the form of his Westfalia, has pushed him further than he ever thought he’d go.

Balancing maintenance and repairs on the Westy with a promising career in photography are just a few of the many things the talented Mr. Barkman excels at, and we wish him the best of luck has he continues to grow on his journey.

• Featuring the Photography of James Barkman •
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Graphics By Sean Fannin | http://instagram.com/fanninsj
Music via DeWolfe

Filmed in 4K with Canon 1DC & DJI Inspire 1 in Oregon.

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