Is the State 4130 All-Road the Best Value Gravel Bike Available Today?

A young male cyclist sitting on his State 4130 All-Road Flat Bar gravel bike in the Arizona desert.

An already fun gravel bike gets new colors, brakes, and rear derailleur.

The State 4130 All-Road Flat Bar now ships with impressive upgrades, such as mineral oil hydraulic brakes, providing exceptional braking modulation and heat management for long descents. A New rear derailleur with an internally adjustable clutch will keep the chain in place even when things get extra rowdy.

Along with the mechanical updates, State added two new striking colorways: rust to black fade and turquoise to black fade.

What Makes the State 4130 All-Road Flat Bar a Good Value?

Value is subjective. And in this case, let’s refer to what you can do with the All-Road for your money spent. This bike drips value compared to other flat bar gravel bikes on the market today. Here’s why.

Frame: 4130 Chromoly Steel with Thru-Axle Dropouts (142mm rear spacing) w/ 2 water bottle mounts, rear mounts for rack and/or fenders

Fork: 4130 Chromoly Steel with Thru-Axle Dropouts (100mm fork spacing)
and 5 sets of mounts for water bottles, accessories, fenders, or racks, or add the Carbon Fiber

Monster Fork” for $299.99

Wheelset 700c: Tubeless Capable Wheel Set w/ Vittoria Terreno Zero Tires, 38mm (tubeless ready 650b: Tubeless Capable Wheel Set w/ Vittoria Barzo Tires, 2.1″ (53mm)

Extra Cost Option: Order the second wheel set with tires and tubes, plus matching hubs, cassette, and brake rotors. Receive double the versatility for only $399.99 more.

Handlebars: State Bicycle Co. Black Label Riser Bars

Drive train: State Bicycle Co. All-Road 1 (1×11 Drive Train) w/ Trigger Shift

Crank: State Bicycle Co. All-Road 1 (42t) 

Cassette: 11-42t

Brakes: State Bicycle Co. All-Road 1 Flat-Mount Hydraulic Disc. w/ 160mm Rotors (6-Bolt)

Rear Derailleur: All-new adjustable clutch rear derailleur

Who is the State 4130 All-Road bike for?

  • Riders looking to get into all-road or off-road riding
  • Commuters or bike-messengers looking for versatility and durability, especially those with uncertain road conditions (ice, snow, lousy pavement).
  • Bike packers
  • Gravel riders looking for a more upright/comfortable setup.
  • Mountain bikers who want to use the same bike on the trail and road.

What Makes The State 4130 All-Road Ready for Adventure?

Frame material: 4130 chromoly provides a supple ride quality only found with steel. A steel frame can outlast other materials and withstand most riding conditions for years. Additionally, minor frame defects won’t cause danger to the rider.

Comfort: A good gravel bike should be comfortable and absorb bumpy terrain well, especially on long rides over dirt and gravel.

Versatility and range of use: A good adventure bike should be able to handle different road surfaces and even light trails and have.

Handling and control: A good gravel bike should have stable and responsive handling, especially on descents and corners, and powerful brakes for stopping safely.

Are Flat Bar Gravel Bikes More Fun?

Flat bar gravel bikes are a matter of personal preference and riding style. However, they can be “more fun” for a few reasons, especially if you prefer riding in the dirt over the pavement.

Flat bar gravel bikes offer more control with an upright riding position and a wider grip on the handlebars. Few riders will argue this fact. Bikes with flat bars tend to have a more progressive geometry, longer wheelbase, a slack head angle, and a short stem, making them more stable and agile on rough terrain.

On average, your flat bar gravel bike costs less than an equal drop bar version, mainly because they have simpler components. Of course, some brands will defy this logic in the name of trends. It’s up to you to fall for it.

Flat bar vs. drop bar comparison from

Before you Go

All in all, the flat bar makes a gravel or adventure bike more enjoyable on the trail. Please prove me wrong.

The value of the State 4130 All-Road flat bar gravel is undeniable. Even more exciting are the upgrade options available on State’s website.

Their gravel forks are tried and true. You can get carbon wheels. State offers a barrage of Bags. And if you want to upgrade with the light yet forbade cockpit components, feel free to add them at checkout. It’s too easy.

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