Cannondale Adventure Neo Allroad: The Ultimate E-bike for Daily Adventures

The Adventure Neo Allroad is an e-bike

The Adventure Neo Allroad is an e-bike that will get you there, wherever “there” is. Compared to the city-focused Adventure Neo, the Allroad version is more rugged, so you could confidently head off the map and the pavement with confidence.

Cannondale’s Adventure e-bike allows riders of all abilities to experience the thrill and convenience of getting a powered boost (250-750W depending on model) to wherever they need to go, whether for coffee, the park, or school, or that secret beach off the main path. 

Who is the Cannondale Adventure Neo Allroad For?

This model ticks many boxes for most people who want to ride. Three models, each with a standard or low step-thru frame design (more details on the different models are below).

Many factors can make an e-bike suitable for adventures, such as the motor power, battery capacity, tire size, suspension, brakes, and accessories. These details make the Neo Allroad exceptional for all-day adventures.

  • Low maintenance and easy-to-remove battery The bike features a semi-integrated battery that is easy to remove and carry, so you can take it off the bike for peace of mind or charging.
  • Integrated front and rear lights connect to the drive motor’s battery, so you only need to charge the battery, not the individual lights. Don’t fret; these lights won’t drag down the bike’s range.
  • Charge your phone or electronics while you ride with a built-in USB charger on the Adventure Neo S and EQ models.
  • Rider Assist Mode on the Adventure Neo EQ offers a throttle when seeking an extra boost.
  • Disc brakes keep you in control.
  • Engineered for Ease. The Adventure Neo Allroad is an e-bike for those who never thought they’d want an e-bike. You get an approachable price, simple operation, comfortable positioning, and reliable components that won’t need much maintenance.

Cannondale Adventure Neo Allroad Models

1. Adventure Neo Allroad S ($2,025): The Adventure Neo Allroad S is fast. The Class 3 e-bike hits speeds of 28 mph. A powerful Bafang motor (750Wh) is hidden in the rear hub. The battery is 720 Wh. The Adventure Neo Allroad S features lights, fenders, a rear rack, and a suspension fork.

2. Adventure Neo Allroad EQ ($1,825): Adventure Neo Allroad EQ is a Class 2 e-bike. It reaches 20 mph and even includes a Rider Assist mode, aka a throttle. The Rider Assist matches the speed of traffic. The Adventure Neo Allroad EQ features lights, fenders, and a rear rack. The bike also has a powerful Bafang 250 Wh motor and 418 Wh battery.

3. Adventure Neo Allroad ($1,675): Adventure Neo Allroad is the lineup’s entry-level e-bike. Like Its EQ cousin, the Allroad, goes up to 20 mph. It features integrated lights as well as a kickstand. It also has the same power Bafang drive unit—a 250 Wh motor and 418 Wh battery.

Stow the Go Adventure Neo Allroad’s semi-integrated battery is easy to remove and carry so that you can take it with you for easy indoor charging.

Go Your Own Way Get the groceries.

Get the kids.

Get to work. Or get away from it all.

Since the Adventure Neo Allroad is compatible with many different accessories, your options are endless. Set it up to suit your needs, and let the good times roll.

What is a Class 2 or Class 3 E-bike, and What are the Differences? 

In the US, there are three common categories for e-bikes: Class 1, Class 2, and Class 3. Class 1 e-bikes use a standard system with a motor that only assists up to 20mph while pedaling. 

Class 2 e-bikes enhance the Class 1 riding experience by also adding the function of a hand-operated throttle to help propel the bike to the same 20mph limit. This is especially helpful for riders needing ˓ assistance getting up to speed or adding an extra boost to overcome a sudden hill. As an added safety feature, the hand throttles found on Class 2 Cannondale models function only after the bike is ˓ in motion. 

Class 3 e-bikes allow riders to ride at higher speeds by offering motor assistance up to 28mph while pedaling. The Allroad S features a custom, 5-level system that progressively offers higher motor-assist speeds between settings.

Which Models Feature a Suspension Fork? 

The Allroad S features a smooth-riding SR Suntour XCM34 suspension fork with oversized 34mm stanchion tubes. This is critical for offering confident handling on rough terrain or at higher speeds. The larger 34mm fork is the only size approved for Class 3 e-bikes. This is often where other brands must catch up on cost and use a smaller-sized fork.

What is the Typical Range for Adventure Neo Allroad Models? 

Range varies significantly depending on many factors, including rider and cargo weight, pedal-assist mode, terrain, and sometimes wind. For Adventure Neo Allroad and Adventure Neo Allroad EQ range will be approximately 45-47mi on flat terrain on lower settings. The e-bike is equipped with a large-capacity 720Wh battery and offers a range of over 70mi in the low-power settings and a range of 30-45mi in the higher settings.

What Rack and Cargo Options are Available? 

Allroad models can carry cargo on the front or rear. Allroad EQ and S models have heavy-duty rear racks with stout, 55lb/25kg weight capacities. All Allroad models feature a new front rack mounting system cleverly hidden under the front head badge. These mounts are for new Cannondale OutFront rack offerings with a capacity of 33lb/15kg. Perfect for carrying extra clothing for a weekend outdoors or carrying home some post-work beverages from the store. 

Can I Charge My Phone with My Bike? 

Yes! The Adventure Neo Allroad S model features a large-screen display with an integrated USB port for phone or accessory charging.

Imagine what you can do and where you can go with an adventure-ready e-bike. Learn more about the Cannondale Adventure Neo Allroad.

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