Hungry Life: Yellowstone River

Making food part of every adventure is Chef Eduardo Garcia’s mission. From childhood, the only thing that mattered was getting outside. With fellow chef Ranga Perera, they create a most-enviable meal on the banks of the Yellowstone River with a few found ingredients, a hand-constructed oven, and time to fish – a rarity in itself. Pour yourself a whiskey sour muddled with charred pine and check out the film. And remember, the good life entails three simple needs: fire. Good food. Friends.


Executive Producer: Jennifer Jane, Eduardo Garcia

Created By: Jennifer Jane and Eduardo Garcia Produced in Association With: Oh For Show

Productions Producers: Anthony Baldino, George Potter Directed and

Edited by: Peter Castagnetti and Barret Bowman

Cinematography: Peter Castagnetti and Gareth Taylor

Aerial Cinematography: Andy Hahn Music: Brotheryn Studios

Still Photography: Steven Drake

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