Headed North Surf Roadtrip up the West Coast // Ep. 1-5

Headed North surf road trip and film | Gearminded.com

Episode 1

It seems more advantageous on our part to go the other way… Down…Southbound. To lands where the tacos and beers are cheap, where the sun seemed less apprehensive. But we weren’t, we chose the colder route, we were headed against the grain…North. Our makeshift crew sought out a little excursion up the coast, neoprene clad, to sample what the west coast’s pristine seaboard had to offer. Before we packed into our northbound van, we thought it shrewd to stretch our legs in the sea.

Voiceover: Gregory David Sparks

Theme From A Radio Play – Fembots
Ghetto Blaster – Bryans Magic Tears 
New Past – Sea Moya

Special Thanks to Mike Estrada of Estrada Surfboards and the City of San Clemente.

Episode 2

With small surf in the forecast, we sought some jet-powered assistance and found a few fun ramps up the coast. Famished by our aquatic adventures, our friends took us in to teach us the art of donut making. We washed that down with sunset glass off session to close out a glorious day!

Voiceover: Gregory David Sparks

Always There – Rose Of Avalanche
Vase Of Flowers – The Holydrug Couple
Dead End – Brainstory

Special Thanks to Surfside Donuts, Esteem, ski master Sage, & the city of Pismo Beach.

Episode 3

We arrived into the dense fog of the Golden State’s Northern Coast. After surfing the eerie sand banks of Santa Cruz, we headed east to get in touch with our wild sides. We through hatchets, we strung bows and we harnessed fire… Just when we thought things could not get any better, we rolled up to the smiling faces of the City Project, where we learned that giving is truly better than receiving!

Voiceover: Gregory David Sparks

Todo Termino – Juan Wauters 
Mitote – Cochemea
Let It Ride – The Soundcarriers

Special Thanks to Adventure Out, Cliff Hodges,
Jack Harrison, City Surf Project, The Cities of Santa Cruz & San Francisco.

Episode 4

Forrest, waterfalls, mermaids, crab camps and miles of open coastline… Adventure is as abundant as the state’s trees are in Oregon. This episode to us to colder water and new frontiers.

Voiceover: Gregory David Sparks

Welcome To Slow Air – Still Corners 
Destroya – Hooveriii

Special Thanks to Wonderland Expeditions, The City of Portland and State of Oregon.

Presented by Evo & Imperial Motion

Episode 5

Smiling seemed to be a common action on this journey.  But waves are known to do that to you, and we had, had our share of them over the past week. Voyaging over the Washington border into the Evergreen State, felt something of an accomplishment.  It had been 5 days on the road, 3 states traveled through and over 1,000 miles traveled. Our final stop on our journey delivered a wave-rich coast and action behind a boat.

Voiceover: Gregory David Sparks

Do You Want Love – Dave Depper

Special Thanks to Wonderland Expeditions, Lib Tech, Aaron Witherell, Maxx Von Marbod, Gerrett Van Swearingen, The Cities of Seattle & Westport, & the State of Washington.

Presented by Evo & Imperial Motion

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