DJI Stories – Counting Koalas With Drones

Sadly, koalas today face a dire outlook across Australia due to human development, droughts, and forest fires. Events like these and a declining population make conservation and research more important than ever.

Want to know more about the koala? This page from National Geographic is dedicated to Koala facts and figures. However, the recent fires may impact the accuracy of this data.

Here’s a visual guide to Australia’s brushfire crisis

Drones offer a more efficient way to count koalas from above, covering more ground than was possible in the past. Dr. Hamilton and his team at the Queensland University of Technology use DJI drones to count koalas, using the data obtained to better help these furry friends from down under.

To contribute to this work, please follow the link below. All funds donated will go towards rapid monitoring for injured animals, and long term monitoring to enable sustainable recovery:

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