As a California native, you grow up hearing about the weird and wild place that is Death Valley. But it’s not until you visit for your first time that any of these stories make sense. From scalding hot springs and barren desert flats to endless fire-roads and iconic sand dunes, Death Valley has more opportunities for adventure than one can imagine. That is… if your willing to explore. Not for the faint of heart, this desert “oasis” has the power to inspire, heal, and reward those who give it their undivided attention. That’s exactly what the Pattiz brothers did in this film with More Than Just Parks:

In the remote far reaches of the Mojave Desert lies the largest national park in the continental United States. Hidden here in the hottest place on earth is another world full of diverse life and colorful landscapes. Join the Pattiz brothers as they take life to the extreme and explore Death Valley. Filmed primarily in 8K.

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