Chris Sugai Reveals Why and How he Started Niner Bikes

We sit down with Chris Sugai, the founder of Niner Bikes to talk about the early days of Niner, how Pedal Damn It and the YAWYD cap originated, his favorite Niner, the polarizing MCR 9 RDO full suspension gravel bike, and more. 

Chris began the company in southern California after selling a successful business. He wanted to do something that he was passionate about. After discovering the benefits of 29-wheels on mountain bikes, he built a company around bringing this technology to the mainstream, well before the riding community was ready to accept them.

Since then, Niner has continued to push the boundaries of bike riders’ comfort zone. The first long-travel full-suspension mountain bike, the WFO 9, appeared in 2010. The first RLT “Road Less Traveled” gravel bike debuted before the current gravel riding craze, in 2012. And the first full-suspension gravel bike, the MCR 9 RDO, was introduced in 2019. 

Not every project meets with immediate success, but Chris has proven that most of his progressive projects eventually earn acceptance. Twenty-niner mountain bikes are everywhere now, as are gravel bikes. He’s often ahead of his time. Chris loves riding, loves giving back to the sport, and loves Niner.

Join us Inside the Nine and meet Chris Sugai, founder of Niner bikes!

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