Anna Glowinski Episode 4: How to Keep Your Gears Shifting Like New

As more and more people discover (or re-discover) a love for mountain biking, we’re going back to basics to help new riders make the most of their mountain biking experience. In this series of five #newbikedays videos, MTB presenter and Shimano Supported Rider Anna Glowinski chat to Chris Gibbs (H+I Adventures lead guide and SHIMANO trained mechanic) to answer the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) about bike maintenance on the internet from new mountain bikers.

Episode 4: How to keep your gears shifting like new

Most of us can hear and feel when our gears aren’t quite shifting as smoothly as they once did, but often we’re not sure what the problem is or how to fix it. Chris shows Anna how to inspect her bike methodically to identify where the problem lies.

From cable tension to replacing parts as required, Chris provides a step-by-step guide to keeping Anna’s gears running smoothly.

With gears all sorted, the last episode of this #newbikedays video series will look at how to maintain the brakes on your mountain bike.

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