Alone | MTB Self-film

Kaz sets out on a solo mission to create a self-filmed mountain bike video in Squamish and the North Shore of British Columbia, Canada.

This short film embodies everything we enjoy about riding in the woods: the solitude, connection with nature, and the energy that travels through the bike into the rider.

And how can we not point out that all riding destinations were not created equal? The North Shore of British Columbia, Canada offers the most pristine dirt and forests anyone could ask for. It’s no wonder Kaz wanted to create a film without anyone else around.

Enjoy the tranquillity.

Filmed and edited by Kaz Yamamura (

Sound Design by Charlie Hernández (@ch.sound)

Music by Alone – Michael Damon Mitchell Bandcamp: (https://michaeldamonmitchell.bandcamp…)

Spotify: (

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