A Mountain Bike Safari You Won’t Believe: Namibia With H+I Adventures

Taking your mountain bike through the wildest and most remote parts of Namibia on a mountain bike safari might sound a bit crazy, but the team at H+I Adventures knows exactly what they’re doing. On this Namibia trip, you’ll ride through dry riverbeds, on colossal sand dunes, and across the Namib desert, spotting indigenous wildlife such as zebra, oryx, kudu, giraffe, and elephant as you go.

H+I Adventures have crafted a 12-day tour that will get the hairs on the back of your neck standing on end, and to tell this story they have created their latest video ‘NAMIBIA’.  This new video follows their journey through the vast and relatively untouched wilderness of Namibia, with the mountain bike allowing them to connect closely with local people and wildlife along the way.

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