A Colorado Trail Bikepacking Documentary

Award-Winning Documentary about 64-year old Dave Baumann’s 540-mile bikepacking journey across the Colorado Trail, from Denver to Durango.

About this film: This documentary took 21 days to shoot, months to edit, and took up nearly 2 terabytes of footage and files. Shooting came with its own spread of challenges— from tiring and long shoot days, very late shoot nights with little to no sleep, bike crashes, a self inflicted drone injury, close calls with search and rescue, water shortages, and sore legs. But every bit was worth it in the end, for the experience and to create the film.

Special note from the creator: I hope this film inspires you in some way to get outside and experience the grandeur the natural world has to offer. If you enjoy it, it would mean the world to me if you share it with others.

Directed, Shot, and Edited by Davis Yates

Summit Nine Media

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